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Good afternoon, readers! I hope you’re all having a good weekend! I’ve not been posting anything because I’ve not been on social media a lot this weekend, as I decided to go home to my parents, for three, wait no, four, different reasons. One of these reasons was phone related.

As some of you might remember, in January I wrote this entry about using an iPhone for the first time due to my Samsung having been sent off to check if the things wrong with it were fixable. They weren’t. After several weeks, I was told that I would be able to get my money back after February 1st. It’s now been over a month since then. I’ve been to England in the meantime, and when I got home I was told to call someone but of course they were closed so I had to call the following day, and the woman I spoke to confirmed that it was a warranty issue and I could get my money back. That was over a week and a half ago, and my money is nowhere to be seen.

However, today I couldn’t wait any longer, and decided to order a new phone after debating and comparing phones and operative systems for a couple of weeks. I knew that I did not want another Samsung, but I did land on a phone that runs on Android. Not iOS. After almost 6 weeks of using the iPhone, I’ve decided that I just don’t want one. So I decided to write a post about why. Please note that this is not an attack on iPhone or its users, it’s simply personal preference, and furthermore I am aware that some of the things on the following list may be changeable in the settings, but the fact that they’re not already default is a minus in my book. Other issues I’ve been having might be due to the fact that I’ve been using an iPhone 4s, which is old, and newer iPhones may have fixes for these; I’m basing the following points strictly on my experience with this one iPhone 4s, so please do not consider this a review of anything else.

  1. The first point on my list is something that I mentioned in the last post I wrote about Android/iOS, and that is the fact that if I write too long of a message in WhatsApp/Messenger (my two most used message apps) the message I’m replying to disappears, and I have to exit the message and go back on it again to see the rest. I can’t close and reopen the keyboard in the same way that I could with my Samsung phone. I’ve been told that newer iPhones have an arrow next to the keyboard that allows for this though, so that might just be the 4s that’s bad.
  2. The fact that you cannot insert a memory card is a huge minus for me. You’re stuck with whatever size memory you choose to get, minus approximately 2GB that are used for software (this one is 16gb, available space was 14.2 before I downloaded stuff, I believe).
  3. The price of iPhones is ridiculous. I could get the 5s 16gb for a reasonable price, but that was about it. The SE with 64gb is where it seemed like I would be able to get the most for my money, but even that was pushing my budget, and I didn’t like the width/length ratio on the newer iPhones, they looked too long and narrow for me, although I’m sure that’s something you get used to.
  4. Going back in apps have been an issue for me sometimes. An example is when I accidentally clicked on something in the Messenger app for Facebook where I could “react” to the last message sent, and I just wanted to go back, but I couldn’t figure out how to and ended up having to give the message a thumbs up before I could get to see what the message actually said.
  5. It seems to me that if I’ve been in a game and I’ve clicked the home button and exited the app, when I reopen the app it takes me to the main page of the app (think candy crush saga, where you have the map – that’s where I’m taken, not back into the game). I know my Android phones do that too sometimes but that’s usually when it’s been a long time since I was in the app, and usually I got straight back into the game as I left it when I reopen the app.
  6. I’ve missed SO many notifications on this phone due to the fact that I have to pull down the tab at the top to see the rest once I’ve swiped and opened one – you know, when you haven’t used your phone in a while and you wake up the screen and have 5 notifications, and you swipe on one to see it, and then you forget that the rest were even there because when you turn the screen off they don’t reappear. This, I’ve bee told, can be changed in the settings, but I don’t want to have to do that, I think it should be default. Furthermore, on my Samsung phones, I could always see that I had unread notifications at the top of the screen where you see the clock and battery and wifi and signal – there were symbols there telling me what apps I had unread stuff in, which reminded me to pull down the tab and view them, which the iPhone doesn’t.
  7. This phone keeps telling me I have unread emails when I don’t. First it was one – and I even clicked my way through all my emails in my inbox (which aren’t many because I keep deleting and moving them to folders several times a day), but it still said I had one unread email. This past Friday, that changed to two unread emails. So now when it tells me I have 7 unread emails, I actually only have 5. I spoke to a roommate of mine who had experienced the same before and it lasted for months before it suddenly stopped. Really annoying!
  8. I absolutely HATE that the iPhone turns itself off when it’s cold. I live in Norway, and Norway is cold. I’ll be walking home from the bus stop replying to a message, and it randomly shuts off. This is NOT something I can live with, and the fact that it’s supposed to be a safety feature… to me it’s just annoying and frustrating and I don’t need this kind of stress in my life.
  9. What do you mean I can’t connect it to my windows computer and transfer my pictures over to an external harddrive?! Actually, this is an easy fix, I just have to upload them to a Google Drive folder, but that’s not how I like to do things, and I like to keep all backups on this one harddrive of mine, together, so I need to then copy them out of the Google Drive and onto the harddrive which is just an annoying middle step for me.
  10. It does not charge properly. And by that I mean that I have to blow on both ends of the charger cable, plus the box, plus the outlet, plus where you plug the charger into the phone, and then, MAYBE, it’ll start charging. My friend told me that’s most likely the cable, because it’s a cheap cable, and she had the same issue with a cheap cable for her 5s, but a more expensive cable works fine. No. That just won’t do. No one is better at breaking phone charger cables than I am, and I expect a cheap cable to charge just as well as a more expensive cable; it may be slower, but it should not do this, and I shouldn’t have to do 7 different things and restart the phone twice before it’ll charge – it should just start charging when I plug it in!

So there you have it – my list of 10 reasons I chose another Android phone instead of an iPhone when finally deciding to buy a new one. And let me tell you: no offense, but I am REALLY looking forward to giving this phone back to the friend I borrowed it from!

~ Julie

From Android to iPhone – initial thoughts

I haven’t made the switch permanently yet. But my phone is in for repair and it’s been so long I doubt I’ll actually get it back, and my old phone that I was using in the meantime is hopeless in every aspect, so I borrowed an iPhone 4S from a friend, and since I’ve now learned how to use it a little bit I thought I’d write my thoughts on it.

Firstly, I’d like to bring up the reasons people have given me to try and persuade me to make the switch for years: It’s easier to use! It only has one button! It’s easier to use! When you have a mac it’s definitely easier to use!

Okay so here’s the deal. I don’t have a mac, a macbook or any kind of apple computer, and I will not be getting one in the near future either. They are simply too expensive. And I like windows and my laptop and my old laptop that I still use too. I don’t want a mac. So that argument simply does not do it for me. The fact that it only has one button (not counting volume and silence buttons on the side) has only caused trouble for me so far. If I write too long of a message on WhatsApp, I cannot see the message I’m responding to, because the keyboard is in the way and I can’t find a way to close the keyboard without closing the app, because I can’t tap or scroll in the message because the message I’ve written is to long for me to be able to see the message above. That’s why I liked the little backspace button on the right side of the center button on my Samsung phones (I have had four).

As for the easier to use part… I actually don’t think it is. I think it’s exactly the same, bar what I just said about the button and WhatsApp. Side note: can anyone tell me how I can simply close the keyboard when writing?? I use the center button to exit open apps. I have to click “back” in the top left to go back instead of a button to the bottom right. Downloading apps is the same. Using the apps is the same (except Pokemon Go, which I cannot get going)…

I have very few issues with the iPhone, but I wouldn’t say it’s “better” either. It’s obviously better than the phone I had which didn’t work, but I wouldn’t say it’s better than my Samsung phones when they work the way they should.

I’m gonna have to keep using this and hopefully I’ll hear what happens to my phone, whether I get it back or I get my money back, and by the time the latter happens, if it happens, I will hopefully have used this phone long enough to have an opinion on whether or not I actually want one.

~ Julie