Is it really so wrong to NOT want to get to know people, or have them get to know you?

I feel like getting to know someone is all trickery.

First, you make yourself all pretty, in whichever way you prefer whether that’s with makeup or a new dress or whatever you prefer that makes you feel good and makes you feel like you good, or to attract the kind of people you wish to attract.

Then you have a conversation. “Tell me something about yourself.” You tell them normal things, cute things, funny things. Things to draw them in. Awake interest. Make them like you. Find the things you have in common. Talk about them. Talk about common interest even if you have opposing views. Opposites attract, right? Just be cute and flirty. Touch their arm. Look into their eyes for a second too long. Keep them wondering, keep them wanting.

It’s all a game.

You don’t mention your flaws. You don’t mention your bad habits of not cleaning your house often enough or only washing your hair once a week or your bad relationship with people or how you can spend the entire weekend in bed watching TV shows or how you don’t really like people or your mental health. Nothing that can be percieved as boring or gross or a burden. You don’t mention that. Not yet. You make sure they like you first. Like you enough. Then, maybe, you let them know. A little bit at a time, so they don’t run away screaming. And you hope they don’t. Because you’re not ready to start all over.

It’s exhausting, getting to know people. Is it really so hard to understand that some people prefer to just, not? Is it really so  hard to understand that some people can’t handle the pressure?