Let’s Talk About Tea¬†

Hello everybody! As you can probably see from the picture, I have a slight obsession with tea… I love tea. All kinds of tea. Not so much the English “milk and sugar” way of having tea though… I prefer to just have tea on its own. That’s partly why I love Pukka teas so much, they have so much wonderful flavor and are even recommended to drink on their own without milk. And they just taste great. I haven’t yet had a single Pukka tea that I didn’t like! 
Back in January, I put a tea buying ban on myself – I was not allowed to buy any more tea until the semester was over, because I had enough tea bags to last me through May plus tea that’s not in bags on top of that. No more tea for me. Then my dad went to America and came home with those Kusmi teas for me, and I had even more tea. I was good, I didn’t even buy tea when I was extremely tempted to at the airport in Alicante last week. But today I caved. I was at the store and I saw this one box of Pukka tea, just one, and I just had to have it. It’s the Blackcurrant Beauty to the left in the picture. It smells so good! I just made a cup, and it tastes so good! And I have been feeling a bit sick the last few days… 

I  won’t buy any more though. This is the only pack I’ve bought, and it will be the last. The only thing I want to buy is one of those cups that comes with a small strainer for loose tea. I saw them in Alicante, but I didn’t buy one because I had so many things to carry. But it’s on my wish list! 

What’s your favorite tea? 

~ Julie  


Avocado Toast and Coffee

Good afternoon, readers! 

After an eventful day yesterday, with eight hours of uni and then visiting a friend’s house I wasn’t home until 10pm. Then, of course, the alarm box in the basement started beeping, and because it’s directly below my bedroom I can hear it very clearly. I called the security company for the student housing, and after some back and forth and being on the verge of tears on my part, they managed to turn it off. I was exhausted and cried a bit. My boyfriend told me I should turn off my alarm for this morning and sleep in and rest, which I did. Because of the time it takes me to travel to uni I decided to work from home today. And because I’m at home, I got the chance to make this delicious lunch: 

Two toasted slices of rye bread. Sprinkle with olive oil. Half an avocado on each slice. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top. And of course: one cup of fresh, hot coffee on the side!

You should definitely try this if you haven’t already. Super delicious!

~ Julie