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Another week, another app post for you all (I say this like I do it all the time when in reality I’ve done like one…)! Sleep Town is developed by the same people who developed Forest: Stay Focused, which I’ve written about before, and which I use daily. Sleep Town is an app I discovered and started using back in October last year, and have been using almost nightly since then!

Like Forest, Sleep Town is designed to keep you off of your phone in order to do other things. While Forest aims to keep you focused on the tasks you need to do during the day, Sleep Town aims to keep you off your phone during the night in order to create and maintain healthy sleep cycles (which again will help you focus during the day).

When you’ve been using the app for a while, this is what a Sleep Town looks like. I think you can create multiple towns, but I don’t know why I would do that, because I like seeing the town grow, and even though I have some duplicates of for example banks and schools, that’s realistic even for a real city, so it doesn’t bother me that much.

When you open the app, this is what it looks like (picture below). You set your bedtime and wake-up goals, as you can see mine are 1am and 9am. The reason for this is that you can put your town to sleep for up to 2 hours before your set bedtime goal, and you can wake up your town for up to 2 hours before your wake-up time goal. So I can start my town anywhere from 11pm until 1am, and wake it up anywhere between 7am and 9am, which are realistic times for me in my current situation, for both weekends and weekdays. You can reset the goals at any time, but you will lose your building streak by doing so – because the goal is to set and maintain a healthy sleep cycle, which means going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.

That is not to say that you cannot wake up earlier than this though! You can set the in-app alarm clock to whatever time you want. For example, I had to get up before 6am one morning as I was going away and would have to leave at 7.15, so I set the alarm to 5.45am, was able to turn it off, but the building for the night was still being built, so I left my phone alone until just after 7, hit the wake-up button, and then saw my building for the day and could use my phone as normal!

One more thing worth mentioning about this app at the beginning, is that if you want to leave the app and stop the building after it has started, you physically have to choose “yes” when asked the question “do you want to demolish your building and leave the app”, and then you will have a demolished building in your town forever!! …unless you use your coins to delete it, like I’ve done once, hahah. If you try to leave the app without demolishing your building, it will go back to the app in a fraction of a second, and the time seems to get shorter and shorter every time, as I tried to do it once, to get into my audiobook app after I’d put my town to sleep, which I was eventually able to do, but I had to do it in very slow steps and it took me about 7 times to get what I wanted as SleepTown kept reopening faster and faster each time I exited it (I achieved my sleep goal AND was able to listen to my audio book, but it’s not how this app is supposed to work). This app also does not have a whitelist function like Forest does, but if you want to put on music or an audiobook on a timer before you start the construction of your building, I’ve never had any issues with that at all.

You can see your weekly town by clicking on the button “town” in the menu, and scroll through your weeks to see what you built and when. The weekly towns will look like the pictures below, which are two consecutive weeks in my town from this month. You see the times when your phone was asleep in the diagram below it, and you can click on each individual night to see what building was constructed that night.

When you click on “the big town”, you can see all the buildings you’ve constructed over time in that town! If you’ve noticed the picture below being slightly different from the first picture of this blog post, it’s because the buildings move around every night, so your town is constantly changing.

Let’s talk about what we see on the right hand side of this picture. The top box, that says 589, that’s how many coins I get for completing my sleep goal every night. Each building collects revenue, from 1 to 20, of the buildings I’ve constructed, and all together my buildings add up to 589 coins per night. And the +85%? That’s a bonus for keeping up my streak for the past 85 days. So I get an additional 85% of the 589 coins for the next night! And of course, these numbers change every night as you complete another night and add another building with a new value (compare to the top image of this post where I had 549 coins per night and a 76 day streak). The box below it that says 114, that’s just the number of buildings I have in my town, so I’ve achieved my sleep goals for a total of 114 nights since I started using the app, but only the past 85 have been consecutive, meaning I either did not start construction of a building before 1am, or I demolished a building after I’d started it, 86 days ago. At the bottom you can see my current coin count, which is 46,985. We’ll get back to how we can spend the coins in a little bit.

Every 7 days you successfully achieve your sleep goal and build a building, you get a ticket (this is not dependent on a streak, so even if you break the streak every couple of nights you’ll still get this when you’ve built 7 buildings, it doesn’t have to 7 days in a row). When you redeem the ticket, you get a higher chance of getting a rare building the following night. I use mine as soon as I get them, as there are no bonuses to saving them up (other than, I guess, if you want to spend a week trying to build rarer houses in one go, but even then, the ticket doesn’t guarantee a rare building, it just increases your chances of getting one).

Like with Forest, there are achievements in this game; the screenshot below shows off a few. Some of them, like the bus stop, cake shop, and water park, are ones you just have to be patient and wait for, as there is no way to actively make these appear. Then you have the streak ones, which are 7, 30, and 100 days; for those you just have to actively achieve your bedtime and wake-up goals, and not fail or miss out on days. And obviously, the more you use the app, the more buildings you will get and the more coins you will get, which are the achievements at the bottom, the last of which I am currently working towards reaching, while simultaneously working on reaching 100 days in a row of successful building – just 15 more days to go, woooh!

Speaking of streaks – it is possible to give yourself 1 or 2 nights off per week, where you can fail to meet your goals, but not lose your streak! I’ve set mine to Friday and Saturday, meaning Friday evening I don’t have to start constructing a building before 1am, and same Saturday night, and it doesn’t affect my streak. It’s pretty nice for if you’re going out or something and you don’t want to have to put your phone to sleep when you might need to use it later! You can change these days later, but that again will reset your streak to 0.

I mentioned earlier about getting back to how you can spend the money your town earns every night, and that time is now: you can spend your hard earned coins on choosing your next building! However, there is a catch: you can only choose the buildings which already exist in your town. So when you keep building random buildings, the new ones will get added to your buildex, eventually, which you can see in the app, and it looks like the pictures below. The coloured buildings are the ones I have in my town, and the grey shadows are buildings which I don’t yet have.

On any given night, I can choose whether I want my phone to construct a random building, or if I want to redeem a ticket (which as I said earlier I always do as soon as I get them), or if I want to pick a building to be built, so that it’s not a surprise when I wake up to see what has been constructed. By clicking the little pointy finger in the picture below, I am taken to a screen where I can scroll through the options for buildings I can choose, and see how much they cost. The more revenue a building will get me once successfully constructed, the more coins it costs me to choose that building to construct. So you can use it as a way to continue to earn more money per night, but personally I’ve only tried it a couple of times to see how it works. I prefer to use the random option, as one of the things that makes this app so addictive is the fact that I want to get all the buildings into the buildex! And that won’t happen unless I continue to construct random buildings. Even though, sometimes, it feels like there are buildings I’m just never supposed to get! But hopefully, we’ll get there in the end… hopefully by the end of this year! To set a goal that should be achievable, even though I have no control over it…

There is one more feature to this app that I’ve not yet talked about, which was added only towards the end of last year: The Circle. The Circle works in the way that you gather friends who have the app (they will need to have paid for premium, I believe, which is about £2 or something like that), and then you sort of challenge each other to achieve your sleep goals! When you succeed, you contribute with “energy” which helps construct Wonders of the World. The ongoing progress of constructing a Wonder looks something like this (it’s different for each one) – which is my 2nd wonder, as I don’t have any progress pictures for my first one:

As time goes on, and you continue to achieve your sleep goals, you will get closer and closer to the finished Wonder of the World. The more people are in the circle, the faster the Wonder will build, but it is possible to get there with fewer people too. As you can see, I am in a circle with just one other person, and it took us a few weeks to construct the first wonder, as each successful night only gave us 100 energy each, and we needed 10,000, and we didn’t both complete our sleep goals every night, so it took us a while. On this second one, however, we’re getting 250 energy per successful night, so it’s going a lot quicker. Plus, leftover energy from the previous Wonder transfers to the next one! Which is why, even though we both have achieved our sleep goals every night since starting this Wonder, one person has contributed with 100 more energy than the other.

Little by little, it all comes together and voila! Our first Wonder of the World was the Taj Mahal! I’m excited to see what the next one will be – this one took us over 50 nights to build, but the next one should only take 20, and we’re 100 energy away from being halfway there!


This will probably be the last app review / tutorial I write for a while. I mostly use my phone for social media, and these are the two apps that I have found for time management  that I really enjoy, because they don’t block stuff off your phone / create a blacklist, but you’re actually rewarded in the form of a house or a tree, which to me is the reason I want to keep using the apps. You can read my previous entries about Forest by clicking the links below:

2018 in trees
A Very Satisfying Forest

Thank you for reading! Let’s talk in the comments – let me know if you find your phone distracting, if you’ve used any apps or programs to keep you from using your phone or specific websites or apps, and how you found them!




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