Huawei Honor 8

Hello! Today I am coming to you with my opinion/review of the Huawei Honor 8, after using it for about a month. Basically, I just wanted to write about the pros and cons I’ve found since using it; I’ve tried to keep a running list in my journal that I keep with me everywhere, so that I would have stuff to write about.

So far, there are a lot more pros than cons to this phone in my opinion. Saying that, before this I used an old iPhone 4s, before that an even older Samsung Galaxy S2, and before that a dysfunctional Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. If you want to read my previous phone entries from earlier this year, they are here and here. So keep in mind the awfulness of these phones and my inevitable comparison to them while you read on!


  • The first thing I noticed about this phone is that it downloads really fast. Every app I installed only took seconds to finish!
  • You can use your finger print to unlock this phone, and it’s at the back of it instead of the front like some newer Samsung phones. You can save up to 5 different finger prints, and you turn your finger to save every line of it. It’s therefore not super sensitive when it comes to unlocking it, as long as it is the right finger. I know people with Samsung phones that struggle a lot to open their phones because they have to hold it exactly at the angle they saved it at – that’s not a problem with this phone in my opinion.
  • The fingerprint reader can do all sorts of cool things that you can decide. For example, I set it so that when I push it and hold for a second a screenshot is captured. My brother has the same phone, and he set it so that you can double press it to open an app of your choice.
  • Both the headphone jack and the charger input are at the bottom of the phone. To me this is a huge plus, as I often charge my phone using a power bank on the go while listening to music or audio books, and keeping the phone in my pocket is a lot easier when all the cords come out of the same end of the phone!
  • The phone charger is a USB-C charger, you can plug it in both ways, which I absolutely love! I just wish it was USB-C on the other end as well, where you plug it into the box that goes in the socket… Let’s hope that’s the next step for technology!
  • The phone also charges incredibly fast. 0 to 50% in less than half an hour! As a person who often forgets to charge her phone, or hates putting it on charge when it’s on 60% at night, this is a huge plus.
  • The phone has “do not disturb” mode where you can set the time you don’t want to be disturbed within for weekdays and weekends separately.
  • The screen brightness goes lower on this phone than any other phone I’ve had. I don’t need to install a separate app to turn it down, it just goes incredibly dark when I turn it all the way down. Never get blinded by your phone in the middle of the night ever again!
  • Themes. You can set themes for your phone. I could do this on my S5 Neo as well, but not the others. I think it’s great, it gives you more options when it comes to customizing how your phone looks, more than just setting a background picture.
  • Lastly, this is something I noted on my very first day, and was later told has to do with the latest version of Android, but I’m gonna include it anyway. When you pull down the top bar to see your notifications, they are grouped together, so that all the tweets are together, for example. Furthermore, when it comes to twitter notifications, there’s a show/hide button for each individual tweet, so I can read the whole tweet without having to open it in the app. On older versions of Android I could only read the whole tweet if it was the top notification, which was really annoying.

Pro and con

  • There’s one thing about this phone that is both a pro and a con, and that is the fact that you can have two sim cards or a sim card and a micro SD card. The fact that you can have two sim cards is a pro, if you’re someone who needs two sim cards for any reason. However, you cannot have two sim cards AND a micro SD card, and that is a con, because then you’re stuck with the internal memory of the phone only.


  • The phone is very slippery. I have quite small hand, and with phone having a 5.2″ screen it’s somewhat big for me, and therefore extra difficult to hold. Especially when my hands are cold, which they so often are!
  • The original keyboard would only let me add emojis in text messages, not on snapchat and twitter and instagram, for example. The autocorrect was also not very good on that keyboard. I quickly switched to SwiftKey, which is great.
  • In my opinion, the “settings” menu is a little bit messy. But I’m getting used to it. It takes some time though as I don’t actually have to go in there so often.
  • When I put in my SD card, I got a pop-up saying that it was outdated and that I needed to get one that’s class 10 or higher but mine is class 10. It’s a few years old though so maybe it registers as a lower class becsude technology had changed. I should get a new one, but it’s not on top of my priorities right now.
  • When I press the button to see all active apps and then close all of them, I tend to not get notifications until I open the app. This is especially true for WhatsApp, but I have a feeling it might be the app itself, not necessarily the phone. But since I don’t know yet, I’m adding it to this list anyway.
  • A couple of times I’ve had to restart the phone to get some of the apps working properly. This is especially true for the music playing app Shuttle, which I use for audiobooks, because it never forgets where in a chapter I left off, while the pre-installed music app on Android phones goes back to the start of the chapter when the app is no longer running. I don’t know if having to restart my phone to get Shuttle working (it skips tracks and won’t play) has to do with the phone or the app though.
  • Lastly, sometimes the touch buttons don’t react for a few seconds. This has happened in a few different apps. I don’t know why it happens, but it does, sometimes.

So that’s it for my review of the Huawei Honor 8! Thank you to All The Jazz for suggesting that I write this post, I hope it was helpful!

~ Julie


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