What’s in my makeup bag? 

I have a lot of makeup. I was one of the last girls in my class to start wearing makeup, and at 14 when everyone was covering their face in foundation that was too dark all I wore was mascara, pencil eyeliner, and lipgloss. I started wearing more makeup when I was around 16-17 and in high school, and I bought a lot when I was in America on student exchange, and a lot when I revisited four years later, in 2014. Ice thrown a lot away, but I still have a lot of makeup. Most of the time, I don’t use most of it. 

My daily products are in this little bag right here:

So what are my daily products? 

Face products:

This is the stuff I wear on my face. I don’t use a primer (I don’t have one, and the tester that came with my Bare Minerals kit made my makeup all stripey and weird which made me scared of primers…). My foundation at the moment is the Maybelline Fit Me in the shade 110 Porcelain. For powder I use the Original Mineral Veil from ID Bare Minerals. My blush is from MAC and it’s in the color Baby,  Baby. For contour and highlight I use the IsaDora Face Sculptor, right now I’m testing 11  Natural Bronze. I used to use 02 Cool Pink, but I ran out of the bronzer and the 11 was the only powder of any kind that came close to the same color. 

Eye products:

I use an eyebrow pencil from H&m that comes with the little brush on the end, I usually fill in my eyebrows and then brush through them to avoid harsh lines – I prefer a more natural look, and I use it mainly to fill in bald spots on my eyebrows. For eyeliner, my go-to product is the L’Oréal Super Liner in extra black. My all-time favorite Mascara is also from L’Oréal, it’s the False Lash Wings Butterfly Effect Mascara, but it has to be this one, the original. I’ve tried the red one (intenza) , and the purple one(sculpt), but they’re not as good and I don’t like the brush on those. This one is the best one. 

I don’t use eyeshadow for everyday, mainly because I have skin issues around my eyes, but after I’ve applied blush I sweep the brush over my eyelids for some extra color, and sometimes I use the bronzer on my brow bones to sculpt a little. But I save eyeshadows for special occasions. 

Lip products:

I have three lip products in my daily makeup bag. I absolutely love the MAC Prep + Prime lip primer, it keeps my lips from drying out when I use these matte liquid lipstick from NYX. I have two of them; mostly I use 04 Ruffle Trim, but if I want to wear something a little more daring I use 12 Exotic, which is a little darker. 


I keep 4 brushes, a tweezer, and a sponge in my daily makeup bag. The sponge is from Primark actually, and I use that for my foundation. For powder I use a small powder brush from Japonesque, it has the number 924 on it, I got it at Ulta back in 2014 and it will need replacing soon because a couple of strands fall out of it every time I use it… My contour and highlight brushed are from Real Techniques, it’s the sculpting brush and the setting brush. I want to get a fan brush for my highlight though, I just need to save for it. For my blush I’m using Makeup Mekka’s 411 Large Angled Blush Brush, but I feel it’s a little small and makes the brush very concentrated, so I might change it for a larger, fluffier brush soon. And the tweezers I just keep with me to pluck any stray eyebrow hairs I might find while preparing to fill in my eyebrows. It has a little flashlight on it as well, which is cool! 

Setting Spray:

I’ve used the MAC Fix+ for a long time, as well as Urban Decay setting sprays, but I decided to try making my own, which is what this is. I’m going to write a separate entry in how I made it, which will be up tomorrow! 

Do you use any of these products? 



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