Things I’ve Learned Since Moving

If you’ve read my blog back to December, you already know this, but in December I had to move from the place I’d rented for 4.5 years. That’s 9/10 semesters on my journey to get my Master’s Degree. It’s a long time.

Where I lived, it took me 5 minutes to bike or 15 minutes to walk to uni, 7 minutes to the bus, and 20-25 minutes to the grocery store. It was at the top of a hill, which wasn’t ideal, but the landlord was cool, the price was good, he even lowered it last September due to having to lower the price on the empty rooms to get tenants. I quite enjoyed living there.

I moved into student housing just before Christmas. My situation is the same – I share a bathroom and a kitchen with two other students. However, now I live in an apartment building, so to speak, with 5 or 6 stories, and it’s a long red brick building. The front door slams shut on its own, so you have to try to be quiet, which is a real inconvenience. I can lie in bed and hear people running up and down the stairs right outside. There’s a storage room just below my room, which has an alarm box on the wall, that starts beeping with “pre-alarms” in the display every few days or couple of weeks, and I have to fill out forms and send in online and hope a janitor comes and fixes it during the day if I am to get any sleep that night, or call Security, which I’ve done three or four times, and they’re not too happy with me because of that. It takes me 1 minute to go to the bus and 3 minutes to the grocery store now, which I can’t really complain about, but if I want to walk to uni it’s 35-40 minutes, mostly up-hill, otherwise I have to take not one but two buses to get there, which takes 20-30 minutes.

I’ve learned that I don’t much like living in a building with lots of people around me, because it’s very noisy, and I grew up in independent houses so I could never hear anyone I wasn’t related to unless they were out on the street yelling.

I’ve learned I don’t like taking the bus to uni; I prefer walking or biking even if it takes longer in the winter. I like the fresh air in the morning, it helps to wake me up.

I’ve learned I’d rather travel a bit longer to get to the grocery store I prefer, rather than have 3 minutes to a one I don’t really like.

But mostly I’ve learned, and this isn’t just since I moved by the way, that although my roommates are okay and I can talk to them and hang out with them in the kitchen, I would really rather not have roommates. I’m an introvert, and I don’t much like strangers. I don’t open up to people easily, and living with people is a rather intimate thing. I’m ready to move on to the next chapter of life, the chapter where my boyfriend and I live together in a place that’s just ours.

Have you moved around a lot? When was the last time you moved? Did you learn anything new about yourself when you moved?

~ Julie


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