Hello lovelies! 

I’m writing this from my new phone, the Huawei Honor 8, which arrived yesterday! I will write a reviews of it when I’ve used it a bit more, which was actually requested, and I’m keeping a list in my journal that I write as I go, but I want to use it for a week or two so I have a bit more experience with it, and maybe some negatives will pop up as well, but for now I’m loving it! 

Today I wanted to write a little something about milestones, more specifically about birthdays, which popped into my head while I was on Twitter just now (follow me here). Three days ago, I was exactly 24.5 years old. But it hit me that I more often think of myself as 25 than 24, which is something I’ve never done before. I usually struggle to remember how old I am for weeks after my birthday, but I don’t think that’s be a problem this September. And I started thinking about why I feel this way. 

I think it’s because 25 is a different kind of milestone than other birthday milestones. It puts you exactly in the middle of your 20s, halfway to 50, and you’re done with the first quarter of life (not basing this on life expectancies, just the way I see it). I want to write a list of the different birthday milestones and what they mean to me:

24: not a big one, but to me this marks the beginning of your mid twenties (20-23 being early, 24-26 being mid, and 27-29 being late). 

21: not a big one in my country, but to me this meant that I could now legally drink in the USA. 

20: Finally not a teenager anymore! And for me and my fellow Norwegians, this also meant that we could buy all kinds of alcohol, not just below 22%.

18: this is probably the biggest. You can buy alcohol (up to 22% in my country), get your driver’s licence, vote, and make all your decisions because you are legally an adult! 

16: another not-so-big, but in Norway this is when you can start practice driving with an adult and also get your moped licence. 

13: you’re finally a teenager! You probably wanted for this one for a while, feeling like it took forever to get here, and having already gone through (at least some of) puberty. 

And I guess that’s it for the list. 25 is mostly considered a big day around the world though, I think. But I know a lot of people dread it because it makes them feel old. But it doesn’t scare me – I already feel it. 

What do you think? Got any thoughts to share on birthday milestones? 

~ Julie 


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