Avocado Toast and Coffee

Good afternoon, readers! 

After an eventful day yesterday, with eight hours of uni and then visiting a friend’s house I wasn’t home until 10pm. Then, of course, the alarm box in the basement started beeping, and because it’s directly below my bedroom I can hear it very clearly. I called the security company for the student housing, and after some back and forth and being on the verge of tears on my part, they managed to turn it off. I was exhausted and cried a bit. My boyfriend told me I should turn off my alarm for this morning and sleep in and rest, which I did. Because of the time it takes me to travel to uni I decided to work from home today. And because I’m at home, I got the chance to make this delicious lunch: 

Two toasted slices of rye bread. Sprinkle with olive oil. Half an avocado on each slice. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top. And of course: one cup of fresh, hot coffee on the side!

You should definitely try this if you haven’t already. Super delicious!

~ Julie 


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