No to Snow in February

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of snow, or winter, or anything that is cold or wet or icky. I don’t ski. I don’t like to walk on snow, or have snow around me or near me or anything other than visible at the top of far-away mountains. I don’t like snow.

The only time snow is acceptable is for about two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year. Then, snow can be quite nice, it sort of completes the picture. Sad thing is, we hardly ever have snow around Christmas anymore, it’s mostly in January and February and March. Winter goes on for too long, in my opinion. As soon as we’re done with the first two-three days or January, I feel that the snow should just disappear and we can have a long nice spring and an early summer starting properly in June and lasting through September (which also never happens).

This year’s winter has  been particularly bad. The first bit of snow arrived sometime in November last year. And since then, I feel like I’ve been on a meteorological roller coaster. The temperature has moved up and down between 10 and -10 degrees Celsius, and we’ve had snow and rain and wind and neither and all at  the same time and then it’s warm and everything melts and then it freezes overnight meaning walking outside is practically suicide and then they put out sand and gravel which makes it a little better but then it melts a little bit creating a layer of water on top of the remaining ice which then freezes on top of the sand and gravel which sank through the water and so you look outside and it looks safe but then you fall on your ass as soon as you step off the porch.

So no. Don’t tell me the snow is “pretty” and that it’s so “beautiful” to walk outside because the snow makes everything so bright and nice and BLAH BLAH BLAH. I see slush that ruins my shoes and wet stuff falling from the sky that makes me even more cold than I already am and walking to uni or anywhere in town is a nightmare.

TL;DR I do not like snow and I think it should disappear two days after New Year’s Eve and winter sucks and all the other seasons are just better.

~ Julie


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