Student Life Update

Yesterday I wrote 1000 words on my thesis – 30.000 words, due on the 15th of May. It’s a rather large project. Unless I write a book, I don’t think I’ll ever write anything this big again (although I do hope I get to write a book someday). But 1000 words, that’s 1/30 of the whole thesis, which technically means I could be done in 30 days, if I write 1000 words every day! Thinking this made me feel really good yesterday.

And then today happened.

I didn’t get up as early as I planned, and I kept turning my alarm off and falling asleep. It was 7.20 by the time I managed to wake myself up, and even later before I got out of bed. Nevertheless – I made it to uni by the same time as  yesterday, even though I had to run for the second bus (I really should start to just walk instead of taking the first bus which does a major detour).

I made a plan for the first two-three hours of the day. But before I could start working I realized that I had to call the phone shop which yesterday I found out closes at 5. So I did that, and talked to two different people. Then I decided to just have a quick look at what’s on the marked, because I’ll be getting my money back and I need to buy a new phone so that I can return my friend’s old iPhone 4s to her. I haven’t decided on a phone yet.

Another student came into the office. I just call it the office because I don’t have a good English word for the Norwegian “lesesal” (which translates to reading hall, or study room, or I don’t even know). It’s a rectangular room with desks along the two long walls, we’re currently 8 people who have our separate desks in here. So I talked to her for a bit. Then a second came and we talked to her. Then I did the second person’s experiment for her thesis. Then a third student came in and we talked to her. The third and the first left, and I’ve now been talking to the second for over half an hour. And I’ve had a cup of coffee and eaten lunch.  It’s nearly 1pm and I’ve not done anything that I was supposed to yet.

And I want to leave at 5pm, because that’s the last bus that takes me almost home a lot faster than other buses. So I have four hours to get shit done. That’s almost as much time as I worked yesterday – I was here for 6 hours and had 1 hour and 45 minutes of break so IT’S DOABLE. Doesn’t mean I will… But today is the kind of day that as long as I get SOMETHING done, I’ll be happy.

I’ve been feeling a headache on the left side of my head most of the day as well. I should probably log  that… I’m keeping a headache log to show my doctor to confirm if I can get migraines…

Life is good!

~ Julie


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