A Friday Spent in my Bathrobe

Today is one of those days where I feel like all I’ve done is procrastinate and eat. And procrastinate by eating… I am terrible when it comes to giving myself credit for the things I’ve actually done, because I keep feeling bad about all the things I haven’t done.

  • I’ve eaten breakfast.
  • I’ve put up one painting and moved another so that the three paintings on my wall are equally spaced out.
  • I’ve done two loads of laundry; whites, and a high-temperature one for towels and “unmentionables”.
  • I’ve eaten lunch.
  • I’ve folded the laundry and put all the items where they belong.
  • I’ve walked to the pharmacy and the grocery store and back.
  • I’ve eaten dinner.
  • I started thinking about packing for the trip to England that I leave for on Sunday.
  • I’ve paid two bills.

I guess I feel bad because I haven’t done too much academic work. I’m supposed to be writing my master’s thesis, for crying out loud! I have done something…

  • At one point I had about 20 tabs open when searching for something (a friend had to send me the document in the end).
  • I’ve rearranged some things in my literature review document.
  • I’ve read some parts of a thesis my supervisor told me to read
  • I’ve written about four lines of text, plus another three that need to go in the introduction, not the literature review.

My supervisor thinks finishing the literature review (after receiving feedback on my first draft last week) should take no more than two weeks. Which means I should be done by the time I get back from England and be ready to write the methodology chapter then. I’ve figured out that I need to write down exactly everything that I need to be and be as specific as possible and then break it down into when I plan to do it, otherwise I’m not gonna get anything done.

So I guess I’ve done some things today. I’ve not done literally nothing although that’s the feeling I’m left with a lot of the time. I haven’t done nothing, I just haven’t done enough… Does anyone have any tips on combating that feeling, that I haven’t done enough, and the general anxiety that comes with the feeling? TIA.

~ Julie


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