Not a Castle, Not on a Hill

I am absolutely in love with the Ed Sheeran song “Castle on the Hill”! If you haven’t heard it, you absolutely need to, so I’m gonna add the music video here:

(I hope this works, I haven’t tried adding videos to this blog yet, only my old ones which were on a different platform.)

Today, my two best friends and I are going on a road-trip. Exciting! We’re going to my home town and the town where I went to high school, to visit my grandparents, pick up a painting, see where I went to school and where I work in the summer, visit my parents and my brother, and then drive back. One of my friends has been to my town and seen and done all of this before, so now she gets to drive and we show everything to the other one! I’m super excited!

My home town is the kind of place that you like a lot better when you haven’t lived there your entire life. I’m guessing most people can relate, especially those who grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and rumors spread like wildfire. But now, I am able to appreciate the beauty, to see things in a new way, and I wouldn’t be completely opposed to living there one day, although I’m guessing it wouldn’t be my boyfriend’s first choice, being a Londoner and all! It doesn’t have a castle on a hill, it barely has hills, but there are fields and the ocean and forests not too far away, and wildlife and town life and the city I currently live in is only an hour away.

Anyway. I have some things to do before we leave, so I’ll write more some other time! Hope you all have a good day!

~ Julie

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