Timeout From Life

I went home to my parents’ on Friday afternoon, and I was there until this morning. Going there, spending time with my mother, and my father, and a little bit my brother, is kind of like a timeout from life for me. I don’t do uni work when I’m there. I don’t watch the TV shows I’m usually binge watching when I’m in the city. We eat dinner and watch a movie Friday night and I go to sleep; we eat breakfast together on Saturday morning and then  go for a walk, eat some lunch, do some chores, make dinner, and watch some more TV; we eat breakfast together again on Sunday morning, then visit my grandparents, make some dinner, have a nap on the couch from all the life-breaks, eat some dessert, watch some TV, go to bed. And this morning I got up early and my mom drove me down to the ferry and I went straight to uni to try and get some work done before I drag my luggage home to my apartment.

And that’s pretty much my weekend in a nut shell. I don’t suppose anyone would enjoy reading about the food we made or the new curtains we bought and put up or the 6 short stories I’ve read since Thursday night, so I’m keeping this short.

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and that you will have a good week, to, now that we’ve started February!

~ Julie

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