Thoughts About The World

It is currently 2.30pm on a Tuesday afternoon. So far, it’s not been one of my most productive days. Yesterday wasn’t either, but that’s okay. Not all days can be your best days, or even good days. That’s okay.

In my study room in uni we are 9 students, but on average 3-6 are here simultaneously. Four of us had a rather lengthy discussion about how the world is going at the moment. I’m not going to write a political entry here, I’m sure there are plenty of entries about that for those who want to read it. I just want to write out a few thoughts and feelings I’m having, as that’s the kind of blog I write.

Sometimes, it feels like the Upside Down from Stranger Things is a safer place to be than our current world. At least, you know what to expect there.

Sometimes it feels like we’ve been sucked into the world of a dystopian novel; 1984, Brave New World, and The Hunger Games come to mind.

Sometimes I wonder why on earth we learn about history in school if we’re not supposed to prevent repeating the bad stuff and continue the good stuff. But then I remember that the chapter about WW2 in my US History book can’t even be compared with the chapters (yes, plural) about it in all the history books I’ve had in school in Norway – which I’ve heard people from other European countries say as well. I’m not saying ours are better or tell a truer kind of truth – only that the American one I had had an extremely American perspective on things and ignored a lot of other things. How can some Americans say that they don’t understand how Hitler was elected in Germany in 1932, and then not see what they have done in 2016?

The only reason Grindelwald was not the worst person in the Harry Potter universe is because of Voldemort. It can be discussed who is who…

Sometimes it’s really difficult to believe that everything the media reports is actually happening. I think that’s one of the wonderful things about the human brain – it’s not designed to take everything in because if it did we would not be able to function. I think that’s at least one of the reasons why everything feels a bit surreal while at the same time it feels like nothing has changed even though everything has changed…

What are you feeling and thinking about everything that’s happening in the world right now? PLEASE – constructive comments and discussion only, hateful comments or attacks on me or other people commenting will not be accepted and will be deleted. Thank you.

~ Julie

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