From Android to iPhone – initial thoughts

I haven’t made the switch permanently yet. But my phone is in for repair and it’s been so long I doubt I’ll actually get it back, and my old phone that I was using in the meantime is hopeless in every aspect, so I borrowed an iPhone 4S from a friend, and since I’ve now learned how to use it a little bit I thought I’d write my thoughts on it.

Firstly, I’d like to bring up the reasons people have given me to try and persuade me to make the switch for years: It’s easier to use! It only has one button! It’s easier to use! When you have a mac it’s definitely easier to use!

Okay so here’s the deal. I don’t have a mac, a macbook or any kind of apple computer, and I will not be getting one in the near future either. They are simply too expensive. And I like windows and my laptop and my old laptop that I still use too. I don’t want a mac. So that argument simply does not do it for me. The fact that it only has one button (not counting volume and silence buttons on the side) has only caused trouble for me so far. If I write too long of a message on WhatsApp, I cannot see the message I’m responding to, because the keyboard is in the way and I can’t find a way to close the keyboard without closing the app, because I can’t tap or scroll in the message because the message I’ve written is to long for me to be able to see the message above. That’s why I liked the little backspace button on the right side of the center button on my Samsung phones (I have had four).

As for the easier to use part… I actually don’t think it is. I think it’s exactly the same, bar what I just said about the button and WhatsApp. Side note: can anyone tell me how I can simply close the keyboard when writing?? I use the center button to exit open apps. I have to click “back” in the top left to go back instead of a button to the bottom right. Downloading apps is the same. Using the apps is the same (except Pokemon Go, which I cannot get going)…

I have very few issues with the iPhone, but I wouldn’t say it’s “better” either. It’s obviously better than the phone I had which didn’t work, but I wouldn’t say it’s better than my Samsung phones when they work the way they should.

I’m gonna have to keep using this and hopefully I’ll hear what happens to my phone, whether I get it back or I get my money back, and by the time the latter happens, if it happens, I will hopefully have used this phone long enough to have an opinion on whether or not I actually want one.

~ Julie

4 thoughts on “From Android to iPhone – initial thoughts

  1. I use Android and many of my friends use iOS and say it’s amazing, praising it a lot. The thing is, its not that great. iPhone costs way more, while even if your android phone has been giving you problems, or it falls and cracks, it didn’t cost much to cry over it. While my friends with iPhone get so scared even when they set it down a little harshly.
    Two, iPhone has lesser memory space.
    And I feel that Android is so much more flexible. Somehow, I just don’t like iPhone.
    Not trying to get you against it, promise, but I’m just saying. Hope the transition goes well for you!


    • I agree with you, although I paid as much for my Samsung S5 as the iPhone SE costs in Norway now. I’m worried it’ll be tricky having an iPhone since I have nothing else that’s Apple… Space wise I’m used to having a 16gb memory card in my Samsung phones but I can get iPhones with 32 or 64gb memory which doesn’t sound bad to me. I’m not too worried about breaking – mainly because I’d get the biggest case I could find to protect it haha! Anyway, I’m still deciding, as I’m currently borrowing an iPhone from a friend and I don’t know what’s happening with my Samsung at the moment! Thanks for the comment/feedback though 😀

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