Life is Strange

Good evening, or morning, or day to you, reader, wherever you may be!

It’s been almost a month since my last update. It’s been 18 months since I started blogging on WordPress, and I can almost count the amount of posts I have. I’m still not comfortable with the platform, haven’t quite figured out how to use it I suppose. I used to blog on another platform, a Norwegian one, even though I wrote in English (got a lot of critique for that…), but I stopped blogging in the autumn of 2012, and in the almost three years it took me to start missing it the platform had changed so much I would have had to learn everything all over again, which is why I decided to start from scratch on a different one, used by a wider variety of people. I decided to start in the summer, when I thought I would have more time to learn, but I worked a lot. Then another school year came and went, and I’m not sure whether I posted a single blog post last summer, and if so, it can’t have been more than one or two. Then autumn flew by, and Christmas arrived, closely followed by New Year’s Eve and a two-plus weeks long visit from my boyfriend. By the time I’m writing this, I’ve spent more than half of my days in my new place with him, hence it is strange to be here by myself.

I’ve been working on my Master’s Thesis this past week, the past two weeks actually. It’s due in May, and 30.000 words are a lot of words to write. I’m currently approximately halfway through writing my literature review, which is on Code-Switching in writing – when Norwegians use English words and phrases when blogging in Norwegian, to be specific. It’s made me miss blogging. And then I get discouraged by not being comfortable with this platform, which means I don’t blog, and then forget about it. But I’m here now. And I want to try and write a little more often. I don’t have anything specific to write about… Sometimes I just really miss writing.

I talked to my grandfather today, for 13 minutes and 46 seconds. I think that’s a new record. He sounded more like his old self than he has done since grandmother passed away. He talked more, and the conversation felt less forced. It was a really wonderful thing, even though it’s making my eyes water to think about it in retrospect.

I read a book in November, called These Are The Days by Markus Almond. It was about what happens if you write a letter to a stranger every day for 100 days. Blogging is a little bit like writing a letter to a stranger. You never know who’s going to read what you write, if anyone at all. Sometimes I wonder, why would anyone have any interest in reading my rambles about my life? But then I think, there are people who do this for a living, whether it is in writing or in video or audio, and why couldn’t I be one of them? To answer my own question – I’m not consistent enough in my writing for one. I don’t publish anything close to frequently, whatsoever. I don’t have any skills in editing blog themes, or tech skills of any sort. I guess I could learn. But I’m not particularly motivated for one, and I don’t have the time.

So it’s just me and my laptop keys, rambling, to everyone and no one in particular. I hope you’ve had or are having or will have a good day, a good weekend. And I hope your 2017 is going great so far. That isn’t sarcasm. I really do hope these things.




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