The Worst Day

It’s funny how, when you’re a kid and something bad happens to you, it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you and your parents smile at you, saying “no” and “it’s not that bad”. And it isn’t – for them. Because they’ve experienced worse. But for you in your young life, this might actually be the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, so far. As you get older you learn how to deal with things, and the bad things don’t seem so bad. You have a bad day, it’s bad, but you’ve had worse.

When I was 16, I bought a ring. I’d made a mistake, and it was the worst one in my life, until then. I bought the ring, and told myself I’d wear it every day, to keep me from making the same mistake again. Wearing it became a habit,and I felt naked without it. But a skin condition kept me from wearing it for a while. I didn’t feel naked anymore. I still wear it from time to time, but less and less, and I don’t feel like I need it. Now… It’s just something that I used to wear. I’ve had worse days than that one I had at 16. The ring that once meant everything, and symbolized growth, learning from my mistakes… Is now just a piece of ugly metal, with a worn down fake stone in it. I wear other rings now. I have worse days. But I have better days too. Life is different now from when I was 16. I’m different. I’ve grown.