Dear All Employers in the World

For the past two days, my boyfriend and I have been looking at houses online and talking about how we’d like to live and looking at possibilities in cities we would like to live in. One of these possibilities we’ve talked about would require me moving to another country after finishing my degree, and I would love to live in this place. The one thing that worries me is getting a job. How does a Norwegian girl in her 20s with a degree in English get a job in England? And my boyfriend went, “the one advantage you have, is that you have experience”. This got us into discussing the whole can’t get a job because you need experience but can’t get experience because no one will hire you. Now this is a well known problem for a lot of young adults that I know. And I think it’s complete bullshit. Let me tell you why:

A person who is passionate about something, and driven, and willing to put in more than just effort to get the job done, can get the job done better and faster than an experienced person, who the company is more likely to hire solely based on the fact that they have experience. The inexperienced person who is driven and passionate and hard working will find new ways to do things, better and more effective ways, because to them, a piece of paper isn’t just a piece of paper, they’ll look at this and see all these possibilities that the experienced person might not because they’re used to something being a certain way (and yes, I got this metaphor from a tower building team-building exercise I was part of last week).

It really annoys me, and it’s really frustrating, that other people my age and myself can’t get a job because we don’t have experience because no one will hire us. This blog entry probably won’t make much of a difference, and my one paragraph will end up disappearing in this massive thing that is the internet, but please, if you are an employer and you’re reading this, don’t toss people’s CVs away merely because they lack experience. Fresh eyes and a fresh perspective might change the way you do things, but change is not necessarily a bad thing. Give us young people a chance to prove that we can do the job, we can do it well, and we can make up for the fact that we lack experience to begin with. Give us a chance to prove ourselves to you, give us a chance to earn the experience you’d want us to have before starting to work in your company, but give us the chance to earn it from your company, from your employees, and from you.