Catha’s Veil


I took this picture on my way to uni yesterday, and I posted it on my facebook profile. My aunt commented that it looked like the veil of Cautha the Sun Goddess, and I’d never heard of this one despite having studied mythology. So I consulted my good friend google about it, and I found an article about Etruscan mythology.

The Etruscans were a people with a distinct language and culture during the period of earliest European writing, in the Mediterranean Iron Age in the second half of the first millennium B.C. They ranged over the Po Valley and some of its alpine slopes, southward along the west coast of Italy, most intensely in Etruria with enclaves as far south as Campania, and inland into the Appennine mountains. Their prehistory can be traced with certainty to about 1000 BC. At their height about 500 BC, they were a significant maritime power with a presence in Sardinia and the Aegean Sea. Three layers of deities are portrayed in Etruscan art. One appears to be lesser divinities of an indigenous origin: Catha and Usil, the sun. (Wiki)

Unfortunately I couldn’t find much more about this mythology. But I have to agree with my aunt: the rays of sunlight does look like the veil of a sun goddess!


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