Love Is Not A Choice

If you have to choose between me and someone else, please don’t choose me.

I don’t want to be anyone’s choice. First, second… Nothing. Love isn’t supposed to be a choice. This isn’t Pokémon. It’s not a matter of “I choose you”… It’s a matter of, “I had no choice, I fell in love with you, I couldn’t help it, it just happened”.

If someone chose you… There’s always a chance of them choosing someone else, later on. I don’t believe love should be about choosing someone to be with, not the way you choose which book to read next because you’re bored or you choose which university to attend because of its attractiveness (to you or future employers) or because it will benefit you. It’s not about lining up the people you could potentially be in a relationship with and choosing one based on how good-looking they are, or smart, or rich. If you find yourself in that situation, my advice would be to turn around and walk away from all of them. You’re not going to find love that way.

Love is about magnetism. You’re being pulled towards a person, and they’re being pulled towards you, and you can’t help each other, you have to have each other, be together, and no one else matters.

To quote Gone Girl: We have each other – everything else is background noise.

Or to quote Ygritte in Game of Thrones: It’s you and me that matters to me and you. You’re mine, mine as I’m yours. If we die, we die. All men must die. But first, we’ll live.

Love is about not being able to stay away from each other. It’s about not being able to get them out of your head. Not being able to let anyone else take their place. You want only them. You need them. You can’t imagine your life without them. You can’t imagine living without them, in one way or another. You need them in your life. You forgive them for the mistakes they make, because the thought of being without them is too much, to overwhelming, it makes your heart ache and insides shiver and eyes water.

Love is not a choice. Love just happens. And if you’re lucky, love will just happen to the other person as well. And that, could be the best thing that ever happens to you.


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