Movie Love in Real Life?

I wonder what it’s like, to kiss the love of your life for the first time…

Every kiss before the right kiss doesn’t count anyway. I’ve kissed a lot of women. The first time I kissed my wife… Well, I mean she wasn’t my wife then; she was just this girl in a bar. And when we kissed, it was like – I got to tell you – it was like I never kissed any other woman before. It was like the first kiss, the right kiss. ~ Derek Sheppherd, “Grey’s Anatomy”

A lot of people kiss a lot of people throughout their life. And at some point they decide that they don’t want to kiss any other person than this one person, that they want to spend their life with that person. But did they know that, the first time they kissed? Or did they find out after they got to know this person, after many dates, many kisses, many nights spent together… I wonder.

A lot of people don’t even get to be alone in the same room as their spouse until they’re married. In many cultures, that is the norm. Some people don’t get to choose the person they have to spend the rest of their life with. Some of these couples end up loving each other. Some become friends but nothing more. Some never get anywhere. Do they know where they will end up when they kiss for the first time?

Books and movies are one thing. Derek knew when he first kissed Meredith in “Grey’s Anatomy”. Lucy in “My Name Is Memory” knew it was Daniel even though she couldn’t remember her past lives but he could. She knew it before they kissed. Nicholas Sparks is perhaps the best known contrmporary author of true love and romance novels. These people they meet, they kiss, something happens and they’re forced apart, they fight, they end up back together, they’re meant to be.

But what about real life? Is it possible to meet someone and just know that they’re the one? To kiss someone and know that they’re the love of your life? I haven’t experienced it, otherwise I would probably be with the person right now… But I’m not. But like I said, I do wonder what it’s like, to kiss the love of your life for the first time…


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