Few things are better than reconnecting with people that were once important to you. This week I’ve reconnected with two such people.

The first one is a friend of mine from Brazil. We were friends when we were exchange students in America in 2009-2010. We were sisters, she and I, and another girl, from Poland. The girl from Poland and I have met twice, first in 2011 when I visited her in the summer, and then again last summer, 2014, when I was in the US visiting my family and they decided to surprise me by bringing her over. My Brazilian sister felt left out and she didn’t reply to our messages when we were there, and she didn’t talk to us for a long time… And then two days ago she sent us a long message on our group chat, talking about how she had felt left out but that this isn’t what she wants from our friendship, and that she was sorry. And now we’re talking and getting to know each other again, catching up on the past year… It’s been wonderful!

The second is a bit more of a complicated situation. I’ve been reconnecting with a guy I got to know last fall and have been talking to all winter and spring until the end of April when things took a u-turn and I’ve been really sad for a month. Monday last week he sent me a message and we’ve been talking and it’s almost as if the last month didn’t happen. Everything is wonderful again.

Reconnecting is a great thing. I wish I’d been the one to initiate.

– Julie


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