I just really didn’t like the “nothing found” entry on my blog’s front page so I just wanted to take a minute to write something…

So why not take the time to welcome you all to my blog! I’ve literally no idea how to use WordPress, I’ve never been on this website before, so I hope you’ll all be patient with me as I figure this out and please leave me tips and tricks on how to make my blog more interesting, what topics I could write about, stuff like that.

I just had a mini workout sesh and am off to take a shower before I do something productive today…

I hope you have a great day!

– Julie


6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Julie, I love your layout for your blog. It is a bit confusing setting up a blog so if you have any questions I would be glad to help. More power to you and your blog.


    • Thank you! 😀 Do you know if I can make the whole blog post visible on the front page? Now it only shows excerpts and I can’t figure out whether it’s the theme or because I’m a free user or if it’s just the way WordPress works? My old blog platform didn’t have this…


      • You are welcome. I think it depends on the theme you choose.If you like your theme you can stick with it but if you still want the whole visibility thing you can click customize, choose free theme and try out a preview to see if the blog fits you idea before you activate it. I changed my theme about 4 times before I got comfortable with my current one.


      • Have fun setting up your blog. Once you get a hang of this site, you can really transform your blog to fit your taste.


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